5 Ways To Share Your Expertise and Why It’s Important


Everyone is an Expert at something. The problem is that we are unaware of it or take it for granted. The key is to discover it and step into it.

So what is your expertise?

Are you an author, a coach… or maybe a trainer, speaker, educator, marketer and overall beginner….
… and you realize that you’ve got all the wisdom, knowledge, advice, life story, and success tips on your specific topic. Understanding that now is the time to get them out of your head and heart and package them in a way that you can spread your message globally with the whole world and inspire other people.

Are you someone that has been through a struggle and you’ve had many challenges in your life and now you see other people going through the exact same endeavor that you’ve been through and you just want to help these people. To share your journey with them, and truly impact their lives.

Whatever your mission or passion is, you have to understand that your skills, your message, and your knowledge are valuable. No one else has the exact same skills and life story as yours!

You have to embrace your expertise. You aren’t doing the world any favor by minimizing your expertise and trying to deny it.

Your expertise is a gift, given to you for the purpose of sharing with the world. You can express it in a thousand different ways…

Here are the top 5 and most profitable ways to share your expertise:  

   1. Books, eBooks & Having a Blog

The written word is always a wonderful tool for reaching others. Nothing is more empowering than putting your thoughts out there for the world to see.

Writing a book is an amazing way to gain credibility, establish yourself as an expert in your field and really build a professional reputation.

Think about this: When you meet someone who has become a published author… Without even knowing him you immediately assume that if this person was able to write an entire book and get it published, he or she must be an expert!

But maybe writing isn’t for you wait to see the other exciting ways to share your knowledge…

   2. Podcast

Podcasting is a huge thing now! People who’d never listened to Podcast before are now suddenly super fans.

Audio content is extremely personal. People get to know your style, values, and personality by listening to your Podcast. What a great way to reach out new customers around the world and spread your valuable message? 🙂

   3. Being a Speaker or Hosting a Webinars

Maybe you’re passionate about being a public speaker. Having your own public seminars and attracting people globally. Another great way is using Keynote Speach to colleges and organizations.

Hosting a webinar is amazing if you want to do all your speaking online. Whatever it is, remember you have something in your heart to help people and inspire them.

   4. Coaching & Consulting

There are so many different types of coaching and consulting…for example:

  • Performance coaching;
  • Skills coaching;
  • Career coaching;
  • Personal or life coaching;
  • Health and well-being coaching;
  • Business & organizations coaching;
  • Love & relationship coaching;

A vast majority of people – probably all of us at some point or another deal with difficulties when it comes to achieving their goals. Most people know what they want and even how to get it, but when it comes to moving forward, they have a tough time sticking with it. And here the coaching comes in place. Great way to help others!

   5. Creating an Online Course

Whether you’re a Coach, Trainer, Speaker, Marketer, and overall Educator it is crucial to have a product.

Turning your advice & success tips on any topic into an Online Course can tremendously position you in the industry. Going from selling your services to people and trying to find clients to simply put all your knowledge in digital products is an extremely attractive business model.

Selling digital products means you’ll be able to generate revenue any time of day, as opposed to the service-based business where your growth is constrained by the limits of your own time investment.

If you want to share your dreams and vision with other people and change their lives, there is no better way to do that by creating an online course.

But most people understand that the process of creating an online course can be a very difficult one unless you have the exact steps to follow. One of the main reasons why people don’t create their online course is because they’re not sure what topic to choose. We at Global Expert Space recommend asking yourself one very important question.

What is the biggest problem I can help my audience solve?

It’s never too late to start over. If you weren’t happy with yesterday, try something different today. Don’t stay stuck. Do better.

If you want to learn everything you need to know about online courses, we at Global Expert Space created absolutely Free Mini Course that guides you step by step on how to successfully create & promote your very first online course.

You are going to learn:

  • How to Position yourself as an Expert, so that NO matter your age or experience, people take you seriously!
  • The “Biggest Mistake” that 99% of people make when they decide on their Online Course Idea.
  • Why your Knowledge & Message are Valuable and the Process that is going to give you ALL THE CONFIDENCE that you need!

You can join our community of people who have the same desire and passion about creating their first online course and it’s just so amazing to see all the questions that people have before starting with their online course.

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Thank you so much for your time and we hope that this blog post was valuable to you! 🙂





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